Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the strange grayish white powder I found in my table top centrifuge?

A. A broken tube has left glass in the chamber. As the rotor spins it gets pulverized into a grayish white powder in the chamber. Wash the buckets and clean the chamber thoroughly.

Q. My L8 / L8M ultracentrifuge won't spin past 3,000 rpm.

A. The vacuum level is not below 750 microns.

Q. My L8 / L8M Ultra centrifuge won't start.

A. Check the back of the instrument to see if the zonal plug is installed.

Q. I had a test tube leak during a run in my L8 / L8M. How can I remove all the moisture from the chamber?
A. Use the "Dry Cycle" function built into your instrument. It will heat the chamber and pull a vacuum until it has evaporated all the moisture.

Q. I had a power failure in my lab. How do I remove my samples from my J Series centrifuge?

A. There is a small hole drilled to the right of the door latch. Straighten a paperclip and push it through the hole while gently pulling back on the door latch. This will defeat the door interlock mechanism and allow you to open the lid. BE CAREFUL, THE ROTOR WILL CONTINUE TO SPIN FOR QUITE SOME TIME AFTER A POWER FAILURE, WAIT FOR IT TO COME TO A COMPLETE STOP BEFORE TRYING TO REMOVE YOUR SAMPLES!